They are Getting into Your Head

Iwantyouto_drinkIf you watch any T.V. at all then you know that there are countless ads for every beer company out there. But they are just commercials, the ads are harmless right? Wrong. A recent study done by Dutch researchers showed that all of the money that the beer companies are pouring into commercials for advertising is working.

The study took 80 male university students, in groups of tww, and set the up in staged living rooms with all the food and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, they could want. The students then watched two movies with commercials. The first movie had commercials that were moslty alcohol based. The second movie had nuetral commercials. Like the ones for stores or cleaning products because who really wants to drink a bottle of dawn dish soap?

The study showed that during the first movie with beer commercials the students drank a bottle and half more than when they watched the movie that had nuetral commercials. The most any of the students drank was four beers in one hour, and that was close to average. Although there were a few who did not drink any beer at all.

Rutger Engels, who led part of the study, said that while this may not show the long term affects on the students drinking habits it does show how it affects their immediate drinking habits and increase drinking significantly.

They have found a way to get into our heads. It is not mind control but it is definetly mind influence. So how do we avoid getting sucked in by the advertising? How do we keep the Beer companies out of our heads? Well there is no study for that yet but at least we can be aware of it. It is your mind don’t let the beer companies try to influence it.


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