The Things People Do for Drugs

According to the Statesman Journalpolice arrested two young men, both 23 years old, for stealing from a Rite Aid Pharmacy in Salem. The men stole more than 1,200 prescription pills that were estimated at about $12,000.

Here’ s what happened. Monday afternoon one of the men entered Rite Aid and went straight to the pharmacy. He jumped the counted and held a knife to the pharmacist’s throat until he received the pills. Another man had been outside waiting and the two quickly left the store. But three short hours later the police found the getaway car with the knife used in the robbery. After taking the driver into custody they soon found the robber himself hiding in the upstairs bathroom of a house and took him into custody as well.  Both are being held on charges of first degree robbery  and the man who did the actual robbery is also being charged with menacing and unlawful use of a weapon. On top of that they are also being held without bail.

So they go through all the trouble of robbing a store to get the drugs and hide everything but with in three hours everything is gone and they are worse off than they started. That is usually how it goes. The people who need the drugs enough to steal them are so messed up by the drugs mentally, even prescription drugs, they could not steal candy from a baby.

This is because of the affects the drugs have on the brain. In this case the pills that the two men stole acted a lot like heroin. Which initially gives them a high but leaves their minds clouded and limits their thought process. What is worse is that the brain can become dependent on the heroin and will not function correctly with out it. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIDA, heroin does not affect just the brain it weakens your entire body. Those who use heroin regularly can have collapsed veins, infection  in  the heart lining and valves, abscesses, liver or kidney disease, and pneumonia. The drug weakens your entire body and once your addicted and your body begins to tolerate the drug all you can do is take more of it.

So is it worth it when taking just one hit could leave you addicted? Do you really want to end up jumping Rite Aid counters only to be in jail hours later? Not only do they not have the drugs they were after but they are also in jail. If you ask me life is better with out the drugs to begin with.


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