Salem School Shooting Foiled

Back in April Salem police arrested four students, ages 13-14, for possibly plotting a Columbine like school shooting at Cascade High School and Middle School in Turner, Or. The police had received a tip that four students were planning the shooting of students and teachers. According to the Statesman Journal the students were charged with two class A felony charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder. The maximum jail time could be twenty years!

It seems like they may not be serving as long of a sentence though. One of the teens was released yesterday but under a strict monitoring program. She will be required to wear an electronic monitoring device and it seems that one of the other boys may be released with the similar conditions but the other two are still being held in custody. The police think that the students may have been trying to plan a copy-cat shooting after the one that happened in April 1999 at Columbine High School in Colorado. Only thing is these students were much younger.

But if the students do end up serving Jail time the 14 year old could be in jail until he was 34! If you take that into consideration with the the average lifespan being 75 years then that is almost a third of his life, and the best part of his life. Why would anyone want to put themselves in that situation? What do you think were the reasons behind the plot? Are there other ways people could handle those situations?

After the Columbine School Shooting the band P.O.D released the song Youth of the Nation, check it out:


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