Think You’re too Cool for School? Think again.

Over the past months we have heard almost nothing but how bad the economy is and how we are in and economic down turn. But as MSNBC reports there is an “Upside to the downturn.” During a time when jobs are becoming harder and harder to find your education is starting to look even better on job applications. Teachers and parents have been telling kids for years that going to school and furthering their education is the only way to get a good, solid job. Well the advice is starting to carry more weight.

The job market is becoming more competitve because so many people have lost their jobs and are applying for new ones. The thing is that High school and college age students are also trying to find jobs but everyone else is more than qualified. The high school drop outs who had planned on work to keep them stable are heading back to school and those who were thinking about droping out are having second thoughts. Jonathan Plucker, director of the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy at Indiana University, said “This is the first recession that truly discriminates based on education.”

Good references on your application are not going to cut it anymore. It is important to finish High school or get you GED. It would be even better to attend college. The more you know and the longer you have been in school means you are more qualified and  the better chance you have of finding a good job that will last. There is a glimmer of hope for us in Oregon. The News stations have all reported that our unemployment rate has leveled off and is not increasing as it has been during the past few months. Unfortunately that does not mean it has gone away.

Here at the Outreach Center we can help you with school work. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are study hall and we can help you with homework you may be having a hard time with so you can do better in school. We can also help you get your GED. We have the official GED practice test and can help you study so that when you take your test you are ready. In this economic downturn No one is too cool for school.


About Youth Outreach

We are located at 719 E. First St Newberg, OR 97132 503-538-8023

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