The Gangs are at it Again

Well according to The Oregonian, the teens are at it again. Joseph Allen stopped his own trial this past week to admit he was guilty of shooting Davonte Lightfoot in the back of the head and killing him. Apparently, both boys were troublemakers. Allen, the shooter age 16, was part of a gang and Lightfoot, age 14, was on probation for illegally possessing a gun.

Here is how it went down. Lightfoot was walking down the street and saw Allen and some of his friends walking toward him, but has the smarts to turn and run the other way. Unfortunately, Allen is a good shot and hits Lightfoot in the back of the head. While Lightfoot is in the hospital, he is found brain dead and dies shortly after being admitted. Not only is Allen a good shot but he is also a fast thinker. He sent the gun to Atlanta with a cousin so he could not be blamed for the murder. Being a fat thinker does not necessarily mean you are smart though, because while Allen was in the detention center he told two others he was responsible for killing Lightfoot. It was after the first witness from the center testified against him that Allen confessed.

Allen was charged with first-degree manslaughter with a firearm and has been sentenced to 18 years in prison with no time off for good behavior. Allen is now 18 so he was tried as an adult. When he finally gets out of jail, he will be 36. What could have been the past time of his life will be behind him. All because he had and issue with another kid that he thought only a bullet would solve. The bullet only made the problem worse for him and took the life of the other boy. The question is was the revenge worth it? Is revenge ever worth the result? What do you think? Was the gun the only way to resolve the problem?


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