This isn’t Grand Theft Auto

Well there are more teenagers in the news, only they are keeping up the bad streak. 17-year-old Chris Levy and 16-year-old Cory Azor have been charged with second-degree murder and are being held without bail for the murder of David Kao, in New York. Their accomplice, 17-year-old Keron Wilthshire, has been charged with criminal possession of stolen property.

So here is what the boys did to get in so much trouble. Apparently, it all started with a car. Chris and Cory break into an SUV with the David Kao sleeping in the driver’s seat. Rather than do something like push the sleeping David out of the car they decide to strangle him and beat him up until he dies, then they get rid of him. This is where Keron comes in. Keron is the one being held responsible for stealing the SUV.

Maybe they thought that if they killed David they had a better chance of getting away with the stolen vehicle. Obviously they did not consider the fact that if they got caught they would not only be in trouble for stealing the car but also for killing the owner of the car. What were they planning on saying? That the guy was killed by someone else and they just happened to steal a dead guys car? Well whatever story they tried to tell the police, if they tried at all, did not work because now they are all three in jail.

What I want to know is why would they possibly need an SUV so bad? Think about it. They are in New York there are cars parked on side streets everywhere. They were obviously not thinking straight. Who in there right mind tries to steal a car with the owner asleep in the front seat? Hey maybe they had not read the last post about huffing and they were high. Either way they were not thinking clearly and are now going to pay the consequences. Lesson of the day? Well it should be obvious, do not kill people and steal cars.


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