The Face of Meth

Ever heard of, speed, ice, chalk, tweak, or crystal? I hope that you have only heard of it and never tried it, it is Meth. Meth is highly addictive and very dangerous. Tests have shown that just one dose can damage nerve receptors in the brain. It can even increase your body temperature and give you a high fever or cause convulsions.meth

I saw a billboard the other day, which I have posted here as well, of the results of Meth, it’s not pretty. Someone made the comment that they have never seen anyone who looks like that because of the drug. Trust me that does not mean there are not people out there like that. If you looked like the guy on the Billboard, you would not go out in public either.

 See Meth does not just affect the user physically but also mentally. They can become paranoid, have hallucinations, and go into fits of rage and become extremely violent.  Those like the guy in the picture are usually the ones the cops bust in houses and Meth labs but it can lead to that kind of severe behavior. One of the worst symptoms that I have not mentioned yet is the delusions. Sometimes the users get the sensation of insects crawling on their skin so they start to scratch but because it is all in their head the feeling does not go away. So they keep scratching until they break through the skin and are bleeding and trust me it is not a pretty sight.

 So before you say yes and try Meth remember the picture form the billboard. Think about the paranoia, the feeling of your skin crawling, and the scars you could develop. The picture is not easy to look at and the symptoms are not easy to talk about but the more you know the less likely you are to make a bad decision. Click on the links and check it out for yourself. So when someone asks you if you want a hit you know why your saying No.


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