The Crime Just Keeps Coming

Last October, Joyce Pequeno and Juan Carlos Silva were accused of murdering Salvador Rovalledo-Vivares. Before their trial, both pleaded guilty to charges against them to help lower the time of their sentences. At the time of the murder, Joyce was only 15 and Juan was 18. How awful would that be? To have committed a crime at 15 wait a whole year until your trial and then be sentenced with 20 years in corrections and no chance of early release. That will make her 36 when all is said and done.

So here is what Joyce did to get herself and Juan, who was just there and did nothing but watch, into so much trouble. The two took a man off the street into a house where they would hang out sometimes and Joyce told him to give them whatever money he had. Joyce then freaked out when he did not have any money and apparently decided the best way to handle the situation was to shoot him in the head, which is exactly what she did. Oh but that is not all Joyce has also admitted to being high on Meth when the whole thing happened. The only thing Juan did was help move the body which was enough to get him into some pretty deep trouble as well. The police found the body while working on another case and worked backwards to find Joyce and Juan only a few days after they had dumped the body. According to the Statesman Journal, Joyce and Juan were not surprised by their sentences but where sorry for what they had done. Unfortunately, being sorry does not change the fact that someone died or that the two have to go to jail for a very long time.

So there are two lessons with this story. Of course the obvious, just do not kill people. But also there is the part about Meth. It messes you up and impairs you judgment, not that everyone who does Meth goes around killing people who don’t have money but it does put you in some rough situations. What I really want to know is how the 15-year old girl got a gun and Meth and decided to shoot the guy if he did not have money. We really don’t know why she needed the money, the article did not say anything about that, but my hope is that it was not to continue her drug habit. I hope that she is not going to spend the next 20 years in corrections because she wanted to get high. Maybe she needed money for her family or something, not that that makes any of this okay. But from where things stand the drug habit seems to fit. If you need help talk to people, do not turn to drugs and stealing. It is not worth it. Talk to teachers or counselors get into programs let them help you find jobs and get involved. Because who wants to spend 20 yeas of your life in corrections?


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