You’ve Gotta Fight . . . For Your Right . . . To Work A Part Time Job

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Are you a youth who is having a tough time finding a job? You are not alone. According to The Columbia Chronicle, the number of youth employed in the U.S. has dropped around twenty percent because of the current state of the economy. Most young people work twenty hours a week or less at enty level jobs, leaving one to wonder why they can’t catch a break. Getting a job bagging groceries or pumping gas shouldn’t be that hard – should it?!

The horrible unemployment rate has caused adults with years of work experience to seek those part-time jobs usually filled by teens. So with such impossible odds, how can a youth land a job? Here are some basics that greatly increase your chances:

1. Get some applications – One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to be lazy about getting applications. Go to every place you can and see if they are hiring. Remember, even if there is no “help wanted” sign there may still be an opening.

2. Carefully fill out your applications – Your attention to detail and neatness will have a tremendous impact on the one reading your application. Fill in everything completely and honestly, and make sure there are no blank spaces left. If part of the application does not apply to you, write N/A. Also, keep the application clean; spaghetti stains make a bad first impression.

3. Wear the right stuff – Whether you are picking up an application, turning in an application, checking back about your application, or doing an interview, how you look is important. You should be neat and clean. You should dress up. If you show up with sloppy hair and wearing ripped jeans and a hoodie, you won’t hear from that potential employer.

4.  Check back on your application –  Turning in your app is not the last step. If several other people are trying to get the same job, you are just another piece of paper to the employer. You need to make yourself stand out and be remembered. After you turn in your app, make sure to check back in person every couple of days. Your determination and persistence will show the employer that you genuinely want the job, are hard-working, and are a person that follows through with tasks.

5. Do well in your interview –  An interview can be scary, but you can easily pull it off. Make a good first impression by dressing appropriately, by being neat and clean, by being on time, and by being yourself. Relax and answer questions honestly and have a good attitude.  Remember, employers are interviewing you because they think you may be right for the job.

Following these basic tips will help you to land that job you want. also has a lot of useful information for you to check out.  If you are having a tough time finding something, don’t give up!

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