Teen Drug Use On The Rise

As a youth prevention specialist, this blogger did not like reading the following statement in an article from JoinTogether.org: “A new report finds that more kids say they are using alcohol and other drugs.” This is the news coming from a study done by Partnership for a Drug Free America. Alcohol and marijuana use has risen, but even more shocking is the increased use of ecstasy, which is up by 67%!!!

The cause seems to be the tough times that have befallen America. Families are struggling to make it in this difficult economy. There is a tremendous amount of stress with which to deal and teens are looking for an escape. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that this temporary fix can have permanent consequences.

If you are a teen and you are having a rough time right now, getting high is not the answer. There are tons of other ways to have some fun and get your mind off of your troubles. Shoot some hoops, play some video games, listen to your favorite music, or hang out with your friends (who aren’t drinking or doing drugs). There are countless things you can do that do not involve drinking, drugs, or money. If you are a parent of a teen, make sure to devote some extra time and care to you son or daughter, and keep a close watch on their behavior. Teens feel family stress too and will greatly benefit from some quality time with the family. Despite all that a family may be lacking because of hardship, they still have each other.


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