The Hazzards of Huffing

It is a parent’s worst nightmare: his child is dead. As a parent, one’s whole life is devoted to raising, nurturing, providing for, and caring for his children. When his child’s life ends prematurely, it is devastating. Unfortunately, bad things can happen in this world. There are diseases, accidents, and even evil people who can end a young life.

One family in Illinois is dealing with the unthinkable. Even though we all know that bad things can happen at any time, no one really ever thinks they will lose a child to huffing chemicals. The activity doesn’t even make sense – inhaling fumes from a liquid meant to strip paint off of an object?! What would even give a teen the bright idea to try this? Instead of a life filled with potential and hope, there is now a couple of parents with a broken heart. This dangerous way of getting high is far more common, and much more dangerous, than most know.

One poll shows that one in six children will use inhalents by the time they reach the 8th grade. The inhalents are easy to obtain; they are found right under the kitchen sink or in a cabinet in the garage. If you aren’t sure what things you have around your house that can be used this way, check out this page with some valuable information. Most parents have no clue that these deadly chemicals are being abused, and teens have no clue that huffing can cause instant death and also often causes irreversible damage.


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