The Drug Forecast: Sunshine

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While I love Newberg and would not dream of  living anywhere else, my brother feels differently. He has been living in Bend with his wife for  4 years now, which is why this news story out of Bend caught my eye.

The big news story in Bend right now is all about sunshine, but not the kind you are thinking of. There is a new drug circulating called sunshine, but no one can figure out exactly what it is. A large shipment of the drug came into Bend from Portland a few weeks ago.  In those few short weeks it spread like wildfire. One 16-year-old girl took this drug under the assumption it was ecstasy and ended up in the hospital. The morning after she took the drug her family found her in her room, she was convulsing, hyperventilating and shivering. She was eventually rushed to the hospital by ambulance where her condition continued to deteriorate. She stayed overnight while the drug ran its course and was released the next day.  The authorities sent the drug to the lab to be tested, but even they have not seen this exact drug combination before. The drug is reported to come in pill and powder form. Both equally dangerous. It is also believed that varying forms of this drug around the world have already lead to multiple deaths of young people. Please don’t add to that statistic.

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