Drinking Dangers


Underage drinking is not only against the law it’s dangerous. Drinking can really damage your body and mind. After just a few alcoholic drinks you can become less coordinated, you may start to slur your speech and even stumble and fall.

Not only does alcohol affect your body but it can lead to other dangerous things. The website Teen Drug Abuse  talks about some of the dangerous behaviors that come along with  drinking.

Drinking and Driving: “The rate of fatal crashes among alcohol-involved drivers between 16 and 20 years old is more than twice the rate for alcohol-involved drivers 21 and older.”

Suicide: “37 percent of eighth grade females who drank heavily reported attempting suicide, compared with 11 percent who did not drink.”

Sexual Assault: “Research suggests that alcohol use by the offender, the victim or both, increase the likelihood of sexual assault by a male acquaintance.”

High-Risk Sex: “The probability of sexual intercourse is increased by drinking amounts of alcohol sufficient to impair judgment, but decreased by drinking heavier amounts that result in feelings of nausea, passing out, or mental confusion.”

So before you take that drink think about what you are getting yourself into.

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