Serious Sexting


“I promise I won’t show it to anybody else.”

You may have heard that before but the reality of sexting is that once you send the picture you have lost control of it. Sexting may seem fun and flirtatious, but really you have no idea who will be looking at the photos you send.

The consequences of sexting can vary from embarrassment to prison. When a minor sends naked pictures they are putting the receiver in danger of being charged with child pornography. Teen Ink  reported that one 18-year-old male who received and forwarded a naked picture of his 16-year-old girlfriend was charged with child pornography and will now have to register as a sex offender until he is 43. One young lady ended her life over the harassment she received after sending a naked picture to her boyfriend, who then sent it to everyone at school.

There is no valid reason to send naked or semi naked pictures of yourself on your phone. It will eventually lead to bad things for all involved. Respect yourself and keep your private life private.

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