Cough, Cold and Consequences

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It is cold and flu season, so get your orange juice, your tissues and your cold medicine. Unfortunately your cold medicine is not just for colds anymore. Teens are using over the counter cold medicine like Coricidin  to get stoned. Visions Adolescent Treatment Center reports that using cold pills to get stoned has doubled in the past 4 years. It appears that using cold pills is on the rise due to the fact that they are not illegal, you don’t need a prescription or a dealer. All you have to do to get your fix is to go to your local grocery store. While getting it is easy, getting off it is not. Some kids have become addicted to Coricidin. One boy reports that while he enjoys getting high it has ruined his life. He has had to drop out of school, he still lives at home, and his mom has to drive him around because his license was taken away.

Sounds like a blast, but it can get worse. Some teens have actually died from taking these pills. If the cold pills have acetaminophen in them they can be deadly. The acetaminophen can cause liver damage and death in large doses. Emergency room doctors have noticed the rise in these types of cases. ER’s report teens coming in agitated, uncooperative and unresponsive from Coricidin.

This is a serious problem that you need to be aware of. Cold pills should only be taken when you are sick and in the doses suggested on the box. If you do accidentally take to many please get help as soon as possible.

Be safe this cold and flu season!

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