Food for Thought

It could be said that man and woman’s best friend is food.  Just think about it, where do you tend to bond most with people you know? At the lunch table in the cafeteria, at a pizza parlor, at an ice cream shop, over popcorn while watching a movie, or even at BBQ’s and sports events where food is the thing to bring.  When winter arrives and you can’t do anything outside because of the weather, what do you like to do? Grab a snack.  If you are stressed out about family issues, schoolwork, and relationship problems, what do you do? Grab a snack.  It is actually quite natural for us to grab a snack when we are bored or stressed out.  It can be considered even healthy-if you chose the right snacks. 

According to an article found on WebMD, there are foods that you can eat during the winter months to help fight depression (Lawrence, 2005).  Due to the lack of sunlight during winter, levels of serotonin (a chemical in the brain that helps make you feel happy) decrease, but then increase as the days get longer during springtime.   By eating foods that are high in carbohydrates and proteins during the shorter days, it will boost serotonin levels in your brain and thus decrease the symptoms of depression.  But what do foods like this look like? They are known as fruits (bananas are great!), popcorn, nuts, veggies, as well as many other things.  To check out more types of food and other ways to increase your feel-good in the membrane chemical, click on this link “Foods that Fight Winter Depression.”

Eat up!!


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