Insane in the Membrane

Alcohol, Health

Getting together with friends and hanging out is a favorite pastime for many youth. Friday or Saturday night parties are fun too, where you can socialize with a huge group of friends and enjoy food and games along with it. However, many youth in high school turn to alcohol for the life of these raging parties. Even if there is an adult present and no one is driving, there are many dangers to underage drinking that may not be so apparent.

When someone starts drinking alcohol at a young age it can have negative effects on the developmental growth of their brain. On an article was posted about what effects alcohol has on developing brains in detail.  They say that a person’s brain isn’t done developing until mid 2os, therefore it makes sense that alcohol can have lasting affects on an adolescent’s originating sexuality, emotions, and judgement.

Also, the amount that is consumed can have negative effects on any person, whether they are of legal age or not. Wikipedia is probably not the most trusted resource out there, but they do have a table that shows what the progressive effects of alcohol are on the body by relating the blood alcohol content (determined by taking a breathalyzer) to the behavior that is most commonly seen with that level and the impairments also seen. Most states have a specified level that a person can have and not be given a DUI, however, it is important to remember that it is never alright to drink and drive. In addition, the higher the level of blood alcohol content there is in a person’s body, there is a higher health risk. Most statistics that you look at will tell you that some of the highest levels are well over 1.oo (but less than 2.0) and the individual is in the hospital in serious condition. Don’t let the person in the hospital with brain damage be you.  Underage drinking poses serious risks, legally and developmentally. Be safe when it comes to alcohol and know all the risks involved.

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