A Deadly Addiction

If thought about, it is agreeable that we, as human beings, make connections with a variety of people and objects. Some people we have not met, yet we have made a connection with them solely on the basis of seeing them on TV or hearing them on the radio. Any one person’s death is a tragedy to another, especially if they are a family member, but even if they are a celebrity. The cause of death can be vast, but one thing is clear: death steals.

Recently it was reported that Amy Winehouse, a famous singer and songwriter, died early this week. The autopsy was inconclusive as to the direct cause of death, but Winehouse openly admitted in interviews that she battled drug use. Whether or not Ms. Winehouse died from drugs is not the issue-although quite controversial, it is the importance of  knowing and understanding the effects of drug addiction that we look at Winehouse’s life choices.

There are various thoughts about drug addiction in general and the majority of views point to it being a negative thing. Drug addiction or even alcoholism tears family apart, destroys trust and health, and leaves people desolate. According to treatment-centers.net people who become dependent on substances can be held by its grasp either mentally or physically, both showing outward signs. A lot of people believe that drug addiction and alcohol dependence is easily fixable, especially if you have lots of money, by going to treatment centers and making the decision to change. However, it is more complex than that because it is a disease that is dealt with by taking a step-by-step process each and every minute of every day.

Those who even have the strongest will power or a lot of money may not be able to overcome their addictions easily. If you have a friend who is dependent on drugs or alcohol, let them know that they are not alone in dealing with it. There are people who understand and can truly help them before it is too late. Don’t let addiction, to anything, take away their life from you and the ones who love them. Talk to them today about getting help.


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