Smoking Increases Bladder Cancer

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Everyone knows that smoking leads to cancer, but did you know that it increases your chances of bladder cancer?? Apparently this isn’t new knowledge for scientists, but what they didn’t know is that it doesn’t discriminate between genders. They once thought that men were more likely to get bladder cancer from smoking, however it is seen that this may only be because the majority of the smoking population were males at that time. The rate of female (17.9%) smokers has increased since then to be close to the amount of male (23.5%) smokers even though the general rate of smoking among the entire population has decreased to 20%.

Although smoking rates have been decreasing, the fact that smokers are four times as likely to get bladder cancer is outrageous and should keep people from smoking. And, don’t think that just because you use “light” cigarettes you aren’t as likely to get cancer. They say that light cigarettes are just as dangerous as regular cigarettes. This may only be because they inhale more smoke than regular cigarette smokers, however both still contain cancer-causing chemicals in them.

So, next time you light up, ladies (and gentlemen), be sure you know the other risks involved!

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