Popular Majors that Lead to a Job

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Many students are about to head off for college with an idea of what major they are going to study. However, there are quite a few who don’t know exactly what to study, which is totally fine because there shouldn’t be any pressure in chosing your major. As high school students thinking about college and what you want to do, here is a list of 10 majors that are popular for the college-bound (NextStepU Magazine, May/June 2011 Issue).

1. Nursing: there are many levels of certification that you can receive, which also requires a certain amount of education and training. You can receive your license in two years, which makes you a licensed practical nurse (LPN), or you can get your bachelors in nursing (RN) which takes four years. Usually most community colleges offer nursing programs or there may be actual nursing schools in major cities near you where you can obtain the proper education and receive licensing.

2. Radiology: advances in technology have opened this field wide with job opportunities. You can receive a certification in this field either through a community college or vocational school and will take about 1-2 years. However, if you chose to get a degree you can get your bachelors in order to still qualify to work in this field, rather than getting a certification.

3. Communications and Media: The increasing use of social medias found online, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a blogging sites, have created opportunities for those who not only have good writing skills, but also can navigate and create Web designs. Many community colleges and private and public universities have this option available for studying. Also, there are vocational schools available for specified social media training.

4. Forensic Accounting: which is a pretty cool job like that seen on CSI and such. Typically you would be working with police departments and government officials to gain information on cases using financial history. Combine your love for detective work and your great math solving skills and you got a job!

5. Management Information Systems: deals with computer databases for companies or organizations. This involves business and computer science skills.

6. Finance: is a field that is very broad and has many opportunities. It can be found at any community college and university.

7. Digital Art: for those who enjoy the use of computers combined with art. This field is open to game designers or even advertising and newspapers for layout designs.

8. Humanities: focus on areas such as literature, history, fine art and more. Usually these interests lead into higher education found at graduate schools.

9. Psychology: allows you to learn about the mind (emotions to reason) and the physical workings. This major would open up paths toward counseling, therapy, human resources, and even teaching at all levels.

10. Environmental Engineering: provides many opportunities ranging from hands-on work to research based discovery and implementation of “green” plans that will help acknowledge and reverse pollution and other environmental issues.

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