Frequent Family Dinners

Family dinners may not be an ideal night in your household possibly due to hectic schedules and no one has time to sit down and eat together. However, research has shown that if you eat dinner as a family frequently, say 3 times a week rather than never, the youth in the family are less likely to try drugs and alcohol.

This is an interesting concept that cannot be fully explained, except seen through graphs and percentages, but it seems that the amount of substance usage decreases even if there are healthy relationships between parents and their children. Parents have more of an influence on their kids than they think! It may be said that even if a relationship between a parent and child is not healthy, but there are other healthy relationships in the realm of the child’s life, say through sports or extracurricular activities, the child is less likely to try drugs and alcohol.

Therefore, if you are a parent, try to at least sit down and have a meal with your kids at least once or twice a week and learn about what is going on in your child’s life. If you are a youth and you don’t have a good, standing relationship with your parents, try to talk to a counselor, teacher, or coach at school. Don’t turn to drugs and alcohol, but turn to those who support you or even hobbies that you enjoy and are good at!


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