Feel Smart with any IQ!

There are countless times during our childhood,  pre-teen, teen, and yes even adult years that people test our IQ to determine how smart we are and if we will be successful in life.  There is so much expectation put on us growing up to be smart and to work hard, just based on what our IQ score is and no matter which side you are, you get the brunt of this.

It used to be believed that once an IQ level, always an IQ level. Basically this means that whatever IQ level you receive as a kid, you will have the same IQ as an adult. Recently this theory has been tested and proven wrong! Recent research has shown that IQ levels can fluctuate over time based on the knowledge you receive through learning. Your IQ may increase or decrease overtime and therefore should not be taken as something that is fixed. Typically, everyone learns at a different pace and better in certain environments compared to others. A lot of it is determined by this, while some of it can also be determined by your DNA.

So, why is this important to know? It is because it goes to show that everyone, even someone with a below average IQ, can increase their smarts just by learning over time! It isn’t something you have to be ashamed about because everyone learns differently and finds various things important in life. You have the power within you to be smart and successful, so use it to your advantage!

Don’t know what your IQ is? Take a quick test now!


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