Problems with Underage Smoking!

There seems to be a lot of drugs out there that are bad for you these days. Some are really intense, such as heroin, or seem safe, like your parent’s prescribed drugs, but really aren’t. With all these different drugs floating around, tobacco drugs, specifically chew and cigarettes, don’t seem all that bad. But think again, because there aren’t just long-term health effects. There are many cons to smoking that outweigh the pros, which you can chose for yourself when deciding if you should quit smoking or not.

One good reason why you should not be smoking, especially while underage, is that in the state of Oregon you will get an MIP (minor in possession) of tobacco. Under this law, anyone who is caught by the police can get a big fine and, in addition, will have to take a tobacco education class or perform a certain amount of community service related to the bad effects of tobacco use. You may say that this is no big deal…what is another class? But wait, there is more…your driving privileges could be suspended for up to a year!

Not only do you get an MIP on your record, have to take a class to help you quit, may have your driving privileges taken away, but also your school may suspend you for receiving this! That means that colleges may get to see your suspension record and you will have to make up missed classes and possibly get poor grades because of it.

When chosing to smoke, think again about the other immediate consequences. Need help quitting? Get some tips here!


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  1. this is so true! my best friend got an MIP and can’t get his licence till he is 18!!!! not a smart thing to do if you ask me!!

  2. i know kids from the school who are getting MIPs all the time! its becoming a bigger problem than some people think.

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