Driving Safely as a Teen

It seems that many teens these days are waiting to get their driver’s license until well after 16. The general cause of this may be due to the age limit of a required drivers ed course, which has many benefits to it. In all honestly it doesn’t matter when you decide to get your license, but what does matter is that you are a safe driver. 

Here are some general tips to safe driving. If you want more information or a more detailed explanation, use this link!

Take a drivers ed course. I know that the general idea of taking this type of class outside of school can seem boring or you may think you all there is to know about driving on the road, but consider the benefits. For one, this will prepare you entirely for driving anywhere. Did you know that “For each mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are about four times more likely than other drivers to crash!” To get more statistics, the Nissan Xterra Pic Crashrisks, and the costs of unsafe teen driving, click on this link. Not only this, but by taking this class (which is easy to do over summer!) you are eligible for a lower insurance rate. This is most helpful to anyone who is making car insurance payments.

Don’t text and drive. It is so common these days for kids to be on their cell phones, which doesn’t stop even when they are driving. Be sure to not use your cell phone, unless you have a hands free device, because it does cause more accidents.

Eliminate distractions! Use of your cell phone can also be put under this tip, but also keep in mind that friends, music, and even the buttons in the car used for general functions can all be a distraction. The risk of being in a car accident increases when you have distractions. Thus, it is important to decrease them as much as possible, especially when driving conditions (i.e., rain, snow, higher than normal wind speeds, heavy traffic, etc.) are not ideal.

Don’t drive while you are tired or inhibited by substance such as alcohol, prescription drugs, or other illImage Detailegal drugs. Many driving disasters happen when anyone, not just teens, drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Decrease your chances of getting a ticket, going to jail, or killing someone or yourself by choosing not to use these types of substances.

Of course, it is also helpful to drive as often as possible with a parent or guardian who has had plenty of driving experience and can help with decreasing distractions as well as give pointers. If you would like information on more tips or information on driving classes click on this link. And one last thing…buckle up!


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