Piercing Safely

Body art has increasingly become popular among various populations, mostly teens and young adults, but also middle-aged adults. The reasons for such increasing popularity can be as different and unique as the individuals. Youth Outreach does not encourage body piercing, but if you should decide to do it with parental consent or are old enough to make the decision by yourself, there are safety precautions you should take.

Each type of body art comes with its own pros and cons (aka risks), but recently I read an article about body piercings specifically. Some of information was quite interesting and may make you think twice about getting one. They say that about 20% of the time there are complications when you get a piercing. Most of the time these complications can come in the form of infections and scarring and depending on where you get your next piercing may determine how long it takes for it to heal. Apparently belly button piercings take about a year to heal and in the mean time, if you have sensitive skin like me, then there is a higher risk of infection and other problems.

Here are a few tips to help decrease your  chances of getting an infection from a piercing. 1) Be certain that the location you get your body art done at uses sterile equipment and has a clean environment. 2) Follow their upkeep directions and stay on top of keeping that area clean. 3) Depending on the pierced site, use a clothe to place over it when exercising or other activities that may injure this or don’t participate in such activities. 4) If you have sensitive skin be sure to only buy jewelry that is safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, silver, or gold-although this may be more expensive. 5) Try to limit how much you play with your jewelry and how much you change it because if you keep changing them the site may close up or get an infection.


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