School Violence

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It happens everywhere, and often times it goes unnoticed. Bullying. Most, if not everyone, at one time or another has dealt with bullying either having directed it at someone or have been the target of it. You may not think that it happens at your school, but look for it and you will find it does indeed exist. Bullying can come in the form of rumors, jokes, pushing or shoving, name calling, among many others. The intent is to harm someone who has something different about them, and this isn’t right or ever okay to be apart of.

Often times the victims won’t share because they are embarrassed or afraid of the reaction by their peers or other adults. If you are the victim of bullying go to a counselor, teacher, or trusted adult for more help. Or, if you have not been directly affected, but still want to help stop bullying in your community, start a club at your school, talk to administrators and teachers about what you can do, or even start an after-school group. It takes an entire community to effectively combat bullying, so get your friends, family members, and other organizations to partner with you in standing up against this social issue. Test your knowledge of bullying by clicking here, you may be surprised at some of the myths of bullying that I know I have even fallen for!

You may believe that it is just a teen issue where kids are only initiating their peers and this isn’t a big deal. However, often times, bullying doesn’t always go away as you become an adult. Adults can be bullies too and even take it out on their own children, peers, and colleagues. Did you know that 60% of bullies have at least one criminal conviction because their behavior carries on into adulthood? Check out these websites for more information about what steps you can take to help get rid of bullying.

Facing History and Ourselves

It Gets Better

The Bully Project

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