Are You Addicted?

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There are so many things that you can get addicted to these days. Some you have to worry about more than others, such as using prescription drugs whether they are over the counter or prescribed by your healthcare provider. Prescription drugs are very helpful for pain or certain bodily dysfunctions, but can easily be abused. If you are concerned that someone you know or you are addicted to prescription drugs, then follow the steps below or check out this link to get more information.

If you feel you are addicted:

1) Call 800.662.HELP (4357) to find a treatment center

2) Talk to your doctor right away

3) Talk to a friend or family member who will help support you that you trust

4) Find a support group

If you are a parent and you think your child is abusing prescription drugs:

1) Talk to your child and ask them point-blank

2) Look for signs and symptoms of drug use

3) Look for risk factors, such as family addiction or friends that use

4) If they are using drugs, get them in a support group or a treatment center

Also know that addiction isn’t about your willpower or a moral failure. It is actually a disease and some people are more vulnerable to it, meaning that they have a genetic disposition that makes them more likely to become addicted to something than someone who doesn’t have that genetic makeup.

Don’t ever take a tablet of anything unless you know what it is and if it is prescribed to you. There are many side effects to different drugs and if you take something offered to you it may counteract other prescriptions or vitamins you are on and negatively affect you. In addition, don’t ever combine prescription drugs and alcohol because it decreases your heart rate and breathing and could cause death.

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