Think Before You Snapchat

ImagePerhaps you have heard of Snapchat, the popular smartphone app that allows you to take pictures, draw on them, write notes and send them to your friends. Snapchat can be a fun social media app to laugh with friends, but do you know that there are dangers with this app as well.

With the promise of the picture disappearing after 10 seconds, many users send inappropriate pictures or videos to friends or other users without realizing the consequences. Do you know there are risks that come along with sending nude or inappropriate pictures or videos on any social media, specifically Snapchat?

Here are some tips to staying safe on Snapchat and still having fun!

1.       Remember that nothing on social media is private!
Someone can easily hack the app to get around the screenshot notification that Snapchat has installed, which lets users know when their picture has been copied. Don’t forget secondary cameras that the receiver can use to take pictures of their phone screen. Once the pictures has been copied, you cannot control where it will be sent or who will see it.

2.       Anything you do on social media can last forever!
You have heard of the people who have lost their jobs or got in trouble with their schools for the things that have been posted on social media. Always be careful what you post! You never know who could get a hold of what you posted and where they could end up!

3.       Think about what you snap before you send!
Is this picture or video something you would want everyone to see? Is this picture or video appropriate for the world to see? If you don’t want the world to see it, don’t send it! Follow my rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t want your grandparents to see it, don’t send it!

4.       Report anything you receive that is inappropriate!
Help keep social media safe and report anything you receive to the app! Don’t continue to pass around an inappropriate picture or video! Put an end to it with you.

Have fun on these apps; just be safe and aware that what you do may not stay private! Don’t buy the lie that everything will disappear on this app, but treat it like it will become public. Better to be safe then really sorry later!



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