Think Before You Speak

According to GLSEN’s “Think b4 You Speak” Campaign:

The phrase “so gay” was tweeted casually 279,540 times so far today.

The word “dyke” was casually tweeted 25,685 times just last week.

The word “fag” was tweeted casually 1,007,670 times in the month of March!

These words and phrases are used carelessly by people every day to describe things that are stupid, bad, or dumb. Do you understand what is being said though? Calling something “so gay”, “fag” or “dyke” is saying that thing is bad or stupid.

Now think about using this phrase when talking about a person who is gay or lesbian.

If you always use these phrases to describe bad things and then you begin to talk about a person who is gay, aren’t you saying that they are stupid, dumb and less than?

Using these words in that particular way is insulting to people who are gay or lesbian.

What if someone used your name to describe something that is stupid? How would you feel?

Think about what you say. Stop using words and phrases like “so gay”, “fag” and “dyke” to describe things you think are stupid or dumb.

Check out to learn more about what you can do and see the live twitter feed and updated count!


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