Building Your Resume

When looking for a job, one of the most important document you can hand out is your resume. This piece of paper is similar to a job application, but is different in how it is meant to share more about you, your skills and experiences. Your resume is the key to getting you an interview! Make sure to tailor your information to the job that you are applying for (ex: If you are applying to be a waiter/waitress, include social skills that apply to that job rather than your computer knowledge).  Here are the a few things you may want to include on your resume, although you can add whatever you think would present you best.

Personal Information– The top of your resume should always have your full name, address, phone number and email. This is helpful to the employer if they try to contact you for an interview! Make sure to avoid putting other personal information such as your age, race, or social security number.

Employment History– This includes any work that you have done, paid or unpaid. Include a brief summary of what your job entitled and the employer’s names and locations. Put the dates for each job, but only the starting and ending date. Volunteer work and community service looks great on a resume, so include what you can!

Education– This will consist of the schooling you have completed or are still acquiring. Put the name of the school and what years you attended. If you have attended classes outside of school, feel free to mention those if they apply to the job.

Achievements- Include any awards or accomplishments you have received. They could be school or activity related or anything else that would look good for this job.

Extra-Curricular Activities– This is a section where you can talk about you! Include interests, hobbies, sports and clubs that seem appropriate to the job you’re applying for. Also, if you speak a second language, this would be a great section to include that.

References– You should have about three people who know you well in this section. The purpose of having a reference is for the employer to have someone to contact if they are looking into more information about your character. So saying that, it is best to use trusted adults who know you! Don’t forget to include their names and contact information.

Your resume should be about one page in length. Make sure the layout look professional, as this will be the representation of who you are! If you are confused about layout, check out some sample resumes to build off of!



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