Embracing Diversity

Acceptance, Community, Culture, Diversity, Intolerance

I don’t know about you, but I love to people watch. Not in a creepy way at all, but I just find it fascinating how each and every person is so radically different! Not only are they unique with their physical attributes, but their background in which they come from. Not two people in this world have shared the exact same experiences. Although they might have been a part of the same event, they each perceive and process it so differently. I think this is absolutely beautiful! All people view the world from their own, unique set of eyes.

ImageIt’s easy to assume things based on someone’s appearance or circumstance. So many of us place labels on others based on their gender, their race, sexual orientation, what they wear, their hobbies, or just anything that we find about them that is different than ourselves. Many feel that if they tear down another group it would somehow make them look more superior. When in reality, it doesn’t do good for anyone at all! It is just plain hurtful . Just because one’s genes, experiences or interests make them stand out amongst the rest, does not give anyone the right to put them down.

What if instead of teasing someone for being different, we loved them for that uniqueness about them? What if we strove to embrace the areas in which we may not agree or understand? The world could be completely transformed if only we choose to adjust our mindset of how we view others. All change begins with treating others the way we would like to be treated. The next time you see someone being picked on, stand up for them! They are human, which gives them the right to be love and accepted for who they are. Don’t forget the power you hold to influence someone’s life! Be the person who is passionate about diversity and set that example to those around you!

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