Stop the bullying!

ImageTechnology has many advantages, but every good thing does have a downside. As cell phone usage and online activity is increasing, it opens more doors for bullying to take place. Just because something is said online doesn’t mean it is any less hurtful to the person who’s targeted. You may think that bashing people on the internet is okay because you are just ‘stating the truth’ and it’s safer when you’re hiding behind a computer. But in fact, written words on a screen can even do more damage to someone because it will always be there for them to read and remember. Before saying something rude about someone online, think twice. Is this something you would say to their face? If not, then it’s probably best not to say it at all. If you would, then how about you talk it over with the person you have a problem with rather than putting them down through social media? Clear communication is key and to be honest, bashing through text or social networking sites will not get you anywhere in resolving a conflict. If you are unsure whether it is cyber-bullying or not, here are a few examples: Disclosing someone’s personal information on a public website, spreading rumors or lies about someone publicly, posting embarrassing pictures of someone or sending via email or text message, taking on someone else’s identity (making fake facebook profile )and saying things to cause that person harm, and lastly, sending anything rude or threatening through messaging or email. If you are doing anything of the sort, just stop. It is not worth getting in trouble and hurting other people in the process. Tearing others down is just plain wrong, whether you do it in person or on the internet. If you see someone being targeted, be the bigger man and step up for them! You can also report people if they are bullying on social networking sites. Do not let cyber-bullying go unnoticed and put an end to it! Watch what you say about others because your words really do have the power to hurt or heal.


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