Prescription Drug Abuse: A Dangerous Slope



Most people are familiar with taking medication like an antibiotic to help get rid of an infection in their body. Some people receive medication for ADHD, ADD, depression, and even for severe pain when a bone is broken.

However, some people take medicine that was not prescribed to them in order to get high. Some even believe the myth that it is safer because a doctor had prescribed it at one time. Many youth think it is harder to get addicted to because it is legal.

But this is not true. Prescription drugs are made specifically for a certain purpose and to be taken in a specific way. When these drugs are taken in an abusive way, addiction can happen and drug overdoses can have a serious, even fatal, impact on a person.

When prescription drugs are abused, it can have a dangerous effect on the body giving you a dangerous body temperature, cause irregular heartbeat, heart failure or seizures. Many times this can be just the beginning to illegal and more addicting and dangerous drugs.

If you are addicted to prescription drugs and need help, talk to someone you trust and get help. You are not alone!


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