The Truth about “Molly”


Molly! She could be the girl next door or it could be the club drug that your friends did this last weekend at rave or a club. “Molly” or “Mandy” better known as MDMA (methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine) or “ecstasy” is a drug typically done in a pill or powder form. Molly has a higher level of purity than ecstasy has generally ever had.

“Molly” induces intense feeling of happiness, joy and a sense of intimacy with others, diminished anxiety and blurs the senses. This drug is commonly associated with dance parties and “raves” and electronic dance music.   

This drug is also being sold throughout our country in our high schools and colleges. The drug first appeared on the West Coast of the United States and has spread to the rest of the Country. As a society we have seen a rash of seizures from this drug, and deaths have been reported all over the country.

 When “Molly” has been ingested one’s heart rate increases along with their blood pressure and body temperatures resulting in seizure and possibly death. The properties of this drug are extremely similar to ecstasy, but when taken in larger does (as it is) it promotes a hallucinogenic reaction. This poses an even greater risk for seizures and over-dose. The truth is you will never really know what is in it.

The bottom-line is “Just say No”! Saying “No” doesn’t make you a square. Honestly it could save your life. This is a really dangerous drug, just as any of them are. You don’t have to do it. You can say “No”! And talk to your friends about saying no. Protect yourself and others. Be safe. 



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