Teen Eating Disorders




Do you have a friend who may have an eating disorder? Are you struggling from an eating disorder? You’re not alone. Teen eating disorders can take a devastating toll on adolescents — especially teen girls. To help protect your selves and your friends it is important to understand the possible causes of eating disorders and how to make healthier eating choices and habits.

The exact cause of eating disorders — such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder — is unknown. However, various factors might put teens at risk of developing eating disorders such as; societal pressures, low self-esteem, favorite activities or sports, personal factors. genetics or biological factors might make some teens more likely to develop eating disorders. Personality traits such as perfectionism, anxiety or rigidity might also play a role.

Some early warning signs of an eating disorder maybe things like; dizziness, fatigue, weakness constipation, irritability, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping and for girls menstrual irregularities. Eventually the eating disorder can cause much more devastating issues and even life threatening consequences. Some of these include; muscle wasting, thinning hair, bone loss,  tooth decay, delayed growth and development anemia, digestive problems, heart problems, seizures, depression, which can spiral to suicidal thoughts or behavior.

It’s never easy to deal with the pressures of being young and trying to fit in. We all want to feel and look just as everyone else does. But be yourself and appreciate who you are and what you look like. We are all different and we are all beautiful no matter what we look like. Be you! It’s the new skinny.   

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