Skipping School: Not Worth It


Just about everyone does it. It really won’t matter if you miss ONE class… I mean, all they’re doing in class is taking notes, probably. It won’t, like, affect your grades or anything. School is just sooo long and boring, going to the mall with your best friend sounds way more fun.

Yeah, lots of people skip school. In fact, about 7 million students miss 18 or more days of school every year. And the kids who skip come from all different kinds of socio-economic backgrounds, all kinds of different social groups, boys and girls. Everyone.

Does that mean YOU should do it?

Teens skip school for all kinds of reasons:

  • They are bored in class
  • They feel disconnected to school
  • They prefer to hang out with friends
  • They don’t think they’ll suffer any consequences
  • School gives them anxiety and they just don’t want to deal with it

If you think that skipping school WON’T affect your grades or your future, you couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, do you really think you’ll just skip once? If you skip school one time, odds are you’ll do it again… and again, and again, and again.

Every class you miss results in some kind of academic consequence. Those notes you think aren’t a big deal? Maybe you’ll be tested on them. Maybe there will be a pop quiz the next time you show up for class. Maybe there was a new assignment, or two, or three, that your teacher assigned while you were out drinking Dutch Bros. and window shopping with your BFF.

Studies show that absences negatively affect academic results. You miss class, you won’t do as well in school. Obviously. If you skip a lot and fail classes, you may not graduate on time, or at all. If you aren’t on track to graduate, you may be discouraged or embarrassed and just drop out. If you drop out and don’t get your high school diploma, you’ll be less employable and will most likely only be able to get a low-paying job, making it extremely difficult to pay bills and living expenses, and making things harder for you later in life.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Not to mention, if you skip school, odds are you’ll hang out with other teens who skip school. Many teens who skip school engage in other types of rebellious behavior, like drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and vandalism. So you could get into even MORE trouble.

It’s true, lots of people get away with skipping school. But what if you DO get caught? Well, you’ll definitely get detention or be suspended. Your school will also tell your parents, who will probably ground you. If you’re 16 or older, you could even get expelled

Does it seem worth it to you? I mean, sure, hanging out with your friends sounds a lot more appealing than sitting in class all day. Most of us feel that way, even when we get older. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to just skip out. Isn’t it worth it to just sit through those classes, do your work, and earn your diploma? Getting a diploma and a good job someday seems like a much better choice than getting into trouble.

If you skip because of anxiety, let someone know. That happens. You don’t need to sneak around and skip school because of that. There are people who can help you. Tell your parents, a school counselor, teacher, or coach about how you feel, and they can point you in the right direction.

Don’t throw your future away so you can go hang with your friends all day. If your friends are pressuring you to skip, don’t do it. You’re smarter than that. Encourage them to go to class so they don’t throw their futures away, too. It isn’t worth it.

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