Straight Talk about Drinking

teens drinking

Did you know?

  • Of the teens who drink, most start before age 15
  • More than one in four of Oregon’s eighth-graders had a drink during the last 30 days
  • Almost 45 percent of Oregon’s 11th-graders drank alcohol during the past month

The question then becomes if a teenager is drinking, at what point does it become a serious problem such as alcohol abuse or addiction. Normally it’s not just one behavior that indicates there might be a problem, but multiple issues together that can indicate the beginning of an alcohol problem.  Here are some indicators that a problem with alcohol may exist:

  • You promise you’re going to stop drinking but you never do
  • Your social life revolves around alcohol
  • It takes more and more alcohol to get drunk then it used to
  • You put yourself or someone else in unsafe situations, like drunk driving
  • Extreme changes in your personality when drinking
  • Memory loss while drinking, also known as black outs

Sometimes due to things like peer pressure it becomes difficult for a teen to say no when he/she is offered a drink.  If a friend pressures you into drinking, here are six ways to say “no” that were created by Oregon teens for teens:

  • “No thanks.”
  • “Do you think I’m stupid?”
  • “I have a life, no thanks.”
  • “Are you crazy? My coach/parent/brother/sister will kill me!”
  • “Don’t waste your money on me.”
  • “I don’t feel like it. Do you have any soda?”

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