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It’s that time of year again that you might be shopping for school clothes or school supplies in anticipation, or maybe anxiety, that school is starting back soon.  If you’re worried or anxious about school, at YO we offer study hall and tutoring during the school year or you can just come over and talk about your concerns with staff. Call us or stop by if you want more info on our study hall and tutoring at: 1.866.538.8023. In thinking about school starting soon, below you will find a fun back to school checklist to help prepare for the upcoming school year:

1.) Don’t forget to eat breakfast – it’s good to eat some kind of breakfast before heading off to class. Eating breakfast helps to start your metabolism working, and will keep you focused until lunch time(a slurpee or slushee from your local gas station doesn’t count as breakfast). If you don’t have time for breakfast, have some protein bars handy that you can grab on your way out the door.

2.) Clothes – When I talk about the outfit that is comfy, makes you feel like you’re one awesome person, what outfit comes to mind? Is it a brand new outfit or one you already have? Whether it’s a new outfit or one you’ve had for years, wear that one. Why? On your first day you probably want to not only look amazing but feel comfortable at the same time. Whichever outfit you own that allows you to do that, wear it.

3.) Locker information – Write down your locker combination or store it in your cell phone. It is good to have a copy of it somewhere just in case you forget. Trust me when I say that even the smartest, most intelligent people in the world forget things.

4.) Breath mints – Let’s say that on your first day of school the cafeteria has spaghetti with garlic bread for lunch. After you eat your lunch, you probably don’t want to worry about whether you have bad breath or not. My advice: carry some mints or even gum that you can use to make yourself feel more confident when speaking to someone.

5.) Positive thoughts – This is a new year and you are getting a fresh start. Kick off your fresh start by deciding to approach things with positivity instead of negativity. Since it’s a new school year, maybe even try again to talk to those other students that maybe you didn’t get along with or just never knew. You never know when a new friendship could start.

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