If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!


Throughout adolescent’s you will face many situations where there is a right and wrong choice, not all of these choices will be black and white and easy to make. Depending on who your circle of friends are, the groups you belong to and the situations you find yourself in you could feel pressured to make a choice that you would not normally make due to pressure from your peers.
If ever you are put in a situation where there is pressure from those around you, take a minute to evaluate your options. A good way to help determine and make a good decision is by these STEPS:peer pressure

S-stop what you are doing.
T-think it over.
E-evaluate the situation.
P-proceed with your decision.
S-stand firm.

It is often hard to just say no to something that doesn’t feel right and people often put pressure on each other as to why they are saying no. Here are some strategies that go beyond just saying no:
1) Delay. No, not today. Maybe tomorrow
2) Be a broken record. Keep saying no several times.
3) Have a plan B. Okay, but how about we do this _______ instead.
4) Be truthful. No, because ______.
5) Avoid. I can’t, because I forgot to do_____.
6) Leave the scene. Say no and leave.

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