The Power of Mindfulness


Have you heard of mindfulness? Or just wondered what mindfulness is? Mindfulness is about becoming more aware of yourself, being present and non judgmental. Being mindful has many benefits; it leads to better self control, helps lower anxiety and stress, is a mood elevator, leads to better decision making, higher self esteem, promotes social and communication skills.

Here are some quick tips on how to be mindful:

  • Be aware of ALL YOUR activities for the day (eating, working, cleaning, driving, texting)
  • Pay attention to how your Body Moves (grabbing something, bending down, reaching out)mind
  • Be aware of the way you Walk (posture) and Talk
  • Pay Attention to the Thoughts you are having, rid yourself of the Negative ones but be gentle with Yourself
  • Express Gratitude (for people, nature, and your blessings)
  • Slow Down when reading, take in the information on a deeper level
  •  Accept ALL the Emotions you have but do not define yourself to them
  • Do one Thing at a Time
  • Understanding that nothing is Permanent, everything comes and goes
  • Express Curiosity for new things and your new Mental Development of Mindfulness
  • Be Fully Open Minded with what is going on around you, and inside of you

Here is a list from Gabriela Green’s blog about when it is a good time to practice mindfulness:

  • When you wake up
  • While you are walking to work
  • In the shower
  • When are getting dressed
  • While preparing breakfast
  • At work when you feel overwhelmed
  • Ideally, you can practice one of these every hour, to keep you grounded
  • After a meeting
  • Before planning your day
  • Before enjoying your meal

The number one goal of being mindful is to SLOW DOWN!

Do you have any tips on how to be mindful? Come down to Youth Outreach and share your ideas! We are open noon to 9pm!


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