2020 Visions


happynewyearsWe are 2 weeks into 2020, seems a bit crazy to me! 2019 went by in what seemed like a blink of an eye! With the beginning of the new year it is a time for a blank slate! This is a time to reflect and set any intentions one might have for the upcoming year. It is a also a time if you choose to set an obtainable goal for the upcoming year, these can be anything from saving money, being on time, going to the gym, taking a class, quit smoking, getting homework in, spending more time with friends and family. Whatever it is you choose to do make sure it is a realistic goal. If you set your mind to it, you will stick to your resolution! Here are a few tips to help with goal setting:

  1. Keep the goal simple. Instead of setting a bunch of goals pick one or two to start and once those are met, then set a new one. Don’t think that because you set a high goal that everything is going to change over night, remember it will take time.
  2. Be realistic. Choose a goal that is within your comfort zone and that you are capable of achieving. If you do choose a big goal, try and set little goals along the way to track your progress.
  3. Make notes.  Write down what your goal is and the plan you have to achieve it. This was if you get off course throughout the year you will be able to look back at the initial goal. After you write your initial goal, keep track of your progress that way you can write down anything that is working and not working to help you obtain your goal.
  4. Have a time frame. Having a time frame will help with motivation. By having a time frame you can set daily, weekly or monthly goals and be able to track when those are met.
  5. Be open to support. When you talk with friends and family about your goals they will be able to offer support when you are feeling like giving up on the goals.
  6. Remember it is ok to slip up. Not everyone is going to follow their plan perfectly, remember life happens. when this happens reevaluate your goal and try again, just don’t give up!
  7. It is up to you! Remember no one else is in charge but you!

Good luck and Happy 2020!



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