Your Brain On Drugs

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Being the learning junky that I am I came across this amazing article on adolescent brain development. Acts for Youth Upstate Center For Excellence released a report in 2002, that found the effects of drugs and alcohol on still developing teenage brains was serious.

 Your brain is still developing into your early twenties. It is still making new connections, increasing in grey matter, and building the framework of you.

One reason that teenagers  have problems with drugs and alcohol may be due to the fact that their brains are not fully developed. They tend to misinterpret emotions as well as being oblivious to real consequences of their actions. The study finds that the damage to teenage brains by alcohol and drugs are long lasting and can have major effects on the make up of the brain.

The good news is that the teenage brain is still developing, and if you choose to fill it with knowledge instead of alcohol and drugs you will have amazing effect. Use it or lose it, is the main rule of the brain. If you do not continue to learn and make new connections the neurons in your brain will die. So exercise your brain and pick up a book, not a beer.

Talk About Scary

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So what are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I know that Halloween is here and you are all looking for the best costume, including that set of teeth to bring it all together. Unfortunately these teeth are not for sale at your local costume shop, but they do come free with a meth habit.

In honor of Halloween I thought you might want to check out these real scary faces. This link will take you to “Got Meth?”  where you can check out what Meth will do to you.

 Don’t trick or treat with Meth, it is definitely no Treat!

Supreme Stupidity

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We have all done it: the prank call. Many a middle school student has inquired of a random phone number whether or not his refrigerator was running just to tell him to go catch it. This type of prank should eventually die out with the invention of caller identification and other methods to track down telephone pranksters. Those that still attempt this time-honored tradition know that even during the most ridiculous of prank calls, there is a line that one just does not cross.

One young man in New York state crossed that line big time. According to a news report, he used a radio to call the local Sheriff’s Department and report an auto accident, claiming that a person was trapped. After authorities figured out that there was no accident, they tracked down the foolish 18-year-old and arrested him. His excuse for his horrible behavior? He had been smoking weed and was “not thinking clearly.”

The lesson to learn here, and the main point of this blog entry is this: drug use will cause you to do supremely stupid things. Far more dangerous than the effects of the drugs themselves are the insanely idiotic decisions one will make while high. One looses the ability to make good decisions and many times cannot control himself. This story is just another example of the endless accounts of drugs causing supreme stupidity. At least this story did not end with someone loosing his life; the next story you hear, maybe even your own story, may end that way.