Beware of Drunk Passengers!


Everyone knows that drinking and driving is illegal and not safe. We hear it everyday. From teachers, parents, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D), and all of the cross and flowers on the side of the road. Even commercial on TV that advertise drinking tell you not to drink and drive or to drink responsibly. Like the one commercial where the people order pizza for delivery because they need a ride home and do not want to drive drunk. Even when they are drunk, they know better. It would probably be better not to drink at all because then you do not have to try to justify driving.

So maybe you decide to be the “responsible” one and drive all of your drunk friends home. Well that too can be dangerous. On Sunday at 12:30 a woman driving an SUV Crashed into the front of a medical supply store in Portland off of Burnside. The driver was sober but the passenger was not. According to the police report, the driver had offered to f\drive her friend home but they got into a fight and the passenger grabbed the steering wheel causing them to crash through the front window of Choice Medical Supplies.

As with every post this one also has a lesson. Aside from the obvious, do not drink and drive, there is also do not drink at all. Not you, not your friends, that solves all your problems because then no one has to worry about driving home. Just don’t do it. It is not worth the risk.

Inappropriate alcohol advertisements



Inappropriate Alcohol Ads

Can you believe it? And they say they’re not targeting youth…

– Most teens have seen more than 75,000 advertisements for alcohol by the time they reach driving age
– Trends show that advertisements, especially for beer, have a heavy impact on current drinking behavior and intension to drink (if a certain brand advertises more then teens tend to drink that beer more)
– Teenagers report more positive opinions about drinking and their own likelihood to consume alcohol after viewing television alcohol ads
– 56% of students in grades 5 – 12 say that advertisements encourage them to drink alcohol
– More than $2 billion is spent each year on media advertising (most is seen by underage observers)
– $770 million of that money was specifically spent on television beer advertisements and another $15 million on radio beer ads. That is $785 million on beer ads!!

What does this mean to you? Do you feel targeted? Advertisements often feature individuals who teens consider describe as cool, healthy, athletic, powerful, influential, etc… With all these media advertisements, it is tough for teens to say no to alcohol use and abuse. Alcohol abuse is increasingly present in schools and in youth culture. The results are scary.

10 million people ages 10 to 20 said they had consumed alcohol within a month of being surveyed. 70% of those underage drinkers described uses that put them into the “binge drinking” category – the most dangerous consumption habit, leading to acute alcohol poisoning.

Other startling facts:
– youth who start drinking before age 15 are FOUR TIMES more likely than students who resist to develop alcoholism later in life
– alcohol is a factor in nearly half of all teen automobile crashes
– alcohol is linked to more than 2/3 of sexual assault and date rape of teens and college students
– drinking is one of the primary factors in teens engaging in unprotected sex
– alcohol companies pay for product placement in more than 235 motion pictures and 181 different television series each year including many with PG and PG-13 ratings
– In the top 15 television shows for teens, 8 featured alcohol placements

As bad as that is, there are teens resisting, but it get increasingly difficult with the media smorgasbord of advertisements that are most appealing to those who cannot legally consume the product.

Do you think it is fair for companies to use ads that appeal to teens? Should companies be penalized for advertising in kid-friend movies, magazines, or tv shows? How can teens resist advertising temptations and remain safe, sober, responsible, and healthy?