High School Dropouts

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With the school year coming up just around the corner, it can be hard for some students to decide whether or not it is worth it to go back to school. Oregon’s High School Dropout Rates have overall decreased to 3.4% for the 2009-2010 academic year. This means that basically 1 out of every 29 youth decides to dropout of high school before they graduate!

This may not mean a whole lot to you, however if you read this article, you will find that it is harder to find a job later on in life if you don’t have a high school diploma! This gentleman describes having a small family and trying to find a job in a market that is now starting to ask for a high school diploma, isn’t easy. Although he admits to making this huge mistake, he also tells us about how great it feels to know that you can do something about it and how much respect you earn in return for some hard work!

There are many reasons why teens decide to dropout of school, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some people have valid reasons for leaving school, like to support their families, however, have you seen an older person working at Jack in the Box? I know I have and perhaps they got laid off from their higher paying job and this was the only way for them to help support their families, but most likely they were a high school dropout who didn’t finish because it got too tough. Don’t let that be you.

Now of days, there are many opportunities for you to get your diploma without having to actually go to the physical school. Some high schools are now offering classes online so you can get your degree or alternative schools. Alternative schools are becoming more and more popular in communities that have high dropout rates. These schools have facilities off campus from the local high school and offer you chance to take classes at your pace and with more one-on-one interaction from the teacher. Read this article to find out that there is hope for those who may have a criminal record or dropped out of school because of drugs.  If there isn’t an alternative program in your area, look at your community college because most, if not all, offer courses to get your degree. Also, if you live in the Newberg-Dundee area, look at Youth Outreach in downtown Newberg to use their free curriculum specifically for getting your GED and in addition receive free tutoring! They are located at 719 E. First St. next to Dominos.

These opportunities are here to help you succeed in life. Many people are there to give you a second chance and support you, you just have to look for them. Don’t let hardships in school, bad grades, or drugs keep you from making something of yourself. If not for your family, do it for you and your dreams.