Are you Stressed Out?

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What stresses you out?

I know that teens have a lot more on their plates then most adults think they do. You are worried about your grades, your cash flow, your friends, not making your parents too mad, your love life, and many more things. The Health Center states that stress that is not dealt with in teens can lead to a life time of being overstressed. Some immediate effects of stress are being sleepy, ill and unable to cope.

You are the only one that knows when your stress is too much. Half the battle is recognizing that so you can take steps to relieve your stress. Health Center recommends:

-getting regular sleep

-eating a healthy diet

-taking breaks when you need to


If none of these help then you may need to see your doctor to receive more help for your stress.

If All of Your Friends Jumped Off of a Bridge . . .


There are numerous influences in the life of a teen. Parents, media, music, and education are just a few of the things that shape a young person. One of the strongest influences, if not the strongest, is the friends one chooses. Whether for good or for bad, the friends with which a teen spends time will dramatically shape that young person.

There is an old saying that continually rings true: “You are who your friends are.” If your friends like to party, drink, and do drugs, then you will likely do the same. If your friends love to play sports, then you will likely do the same. If your friends like to eat green eggs and ham, you will likely do the same. Over time, no matter how you may resist, the attitudes and actions of your companions take over. You begin to act and think like them; you will even dress like them.

Have you ever been asked the question, “If all of your friends jumped off of a bridge, would you too?” If one were to answer honestly, it would be yes. Be very careful about the friends you choose. Remember, you are who your friends are.