Talk About Scary

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So what are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I know that Halloween is here and you are all looking for the best costume, including that set of teeth to bring it all together. Unfortunately these teeth are not for sale at your local costume shop, but they do come free with a meth habit.

In honor of Halloween I thought you might want to check out these real scary faces. This link will take you to “Got Meth?”  where you can check out what Meth will do to you.

 Don’t trick or treat with Meth, it is definitely no Treat!



Halloween is just around the corner and it is not just a day for little kids. Being a teen is cool because you can dress all crazy and go around with your friends trick-or-treating around your neighborhood, get super cold, and then get some hot chocolate and eat all the candy you got for free. SCORE!

With all the fun that is happening, you still need to keep in mind things that will help you and your friends stay safe. Here are some tips on just that:

  • Let your parents know where you are going and with whom.
  • Make sure you know where your parents will be when you go out. Will they be at home handing out candy? Or will they be out with your little brother or sister helping them trick-or-treat?
  • Take a cell phone with you if you can.
  • Make sure you can be seen. Sometimes is it hard to see you if you are dressed in all black. Whether you are dressed like a black bear, vampire, witch, etc., wear glow necklaces or have a light that flashes clipped onto your bag (or where ever). We don’t want real guts and brain on the street; the fake ones are good enough. Remeber too, it is cool to carry around flashlights that have pumpkins or Frankenstein that light up at this time of year.
  • If someone at a house (or anywhere else) you are trick-or-treating at makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to leave ASAP. It’s not worth the free candy to be around someone who creeps you out.
  • Keep away from open flames. Most costumes are not flame-proof unless you are wearing a real fire fighter’s gear. Also, all the hairspray and glitter sprays you may have applied, as well as funny wigs you may have on, can fuel a fire.
  • Keep yourself out of trouble and make good decisions. Respect others’ property, like their pumpkins. Leave the eggs in your fridge for breakfast. Save the toilet paper for…well, you know what. Take the time to think about what could happen before something that could be fun ends up being countless hours of community service and restitution. Remember that you can make good decisions and can be responsible.
  • Use common sense: brush your teeth after all that candy and don’t give yourself a belly-ache.

Here are some great Halloween costumes I found online: