Are you Stressed Out?

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What stresses you out?

I know that teens have a lot more on their plates then most adults think they do. You are worried about your grades, your cash flow, your friends, not making your parents too mad, your love life, and many more things. The Health Center states that stress that is not dealt with in teens can lead to a life time of being overstressed. Some immediate effects of stress are being sleepy, ill and unable to cope.

You are the only one that knows when your stress is too much. Half the battle is recognizing that so you can take steps to relieve your stress. Health Center recommends:

-getting regular sleep

-eating a healthy diet

-taking breaks when you need to


If none of these help then you may need to see your doctor to receive more help for your stress.

What Experience?

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Many teens today are looking for jobs. Some of you want some spending money, or are saving for a car, some may even be helping out with the bills at home. Whatever your reason for looking to get employed, having experience is necessary. I know you are all saying “How can I have experience, this is my first time finding a job?” Believe me I know what you are thinking, but there are a lot of things that you can do now to gain experience.

Teen tells us that work experience can be a paid or volunteer position. Which includes things like community service or volunteer opportunities. Lucky for you community service and volunteer opportunities are everywhere. Volunteer is a great place to find opportunities to help large organizations. If smaller groups and settings are a better match for you check with your local schools and churches.

The key to looking good to future employers is being involved, accountable, and driven. Good luck to you all in your future “work experience” opportunities.