Dating in High School: Is It Really Worth It?


Perhaps the most important thing (to teenagers) in high school is the dating scene. Nothing can make a guy’s grades drop like a sack of bricks or make a group of girls turn on each other more than a dating situation. Popularity and self perception often hinge on the success of one’s dating ventures. So much thought, effort, anxiety, money, and often embarrassment are associated with who is “going out” with who.

In the midst of the whirlwind that is dating, one should ponder this question: is it really worth it?  What good really comes out of dating in high school? Reality shows that more often than not harmful things are a result of high school relationships. Premarital sexuality, teenage pregnancy, STD’s, emotional damage, and rape are among the most common things that actually happen when one dates in high school.

You may be thinking, “I really love my boyfriend/girlfriend, and we are going to get married after we graduate.” This is a great thought, but make sure you are being realistic. First, there are very few couples that date in high school and go on to get married. Most students graduate, go on to college or a career, and part ways. Second, love is more than just a feeling. Love is also the choice to stick with the person you love even when they are not always lovable. Bed – head, bad breath, and annoying personality traits are just the beginning of what you are getting when you commit yourself to someone for the rest of your life.

Relationships and marriage are wonderful things, and are among the best of what life has to offer. This blogger’s advice is this: wait to find that special person until you are out of high school. As a teenager you are still trying to find out how the world works and have so much to learn. Also, when you get to college or your career of choice, you will be surrounded by like-minded people who are more mature and know what they want in a relationship.

3 thoughts on “Dating in High School: Is It Really Worth It?

  1. In college, the people know what they want in a relationship because they went through it in high school. This is why dating in high school is beneficial.

  2. I agree with you 110%!! My daughter has taken upon herself to pursue a relationship with a boy at her high school. She was already having trouble completing task. Now she’s slipping behind and they’re only halfway through the first quarter. She’s too immature to handle the emotional rollacoaster that teen dating brings She’s wants to go into the game industry after school. There’s no way you can do that juggling a boyfriend and all the software and art skills she’s yet to acquire.

    So, some how, I have to set her straight.. I may have to move her to another school to get her back on track. *sigh* .

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